Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Crafty Commute

Today I was reading the paper on the train to work (as I do every morning!) and a page from the Urban Craft Collective caught my eye.

They are a group who want to make crafting cool again by encouraging people to craft in public; on the train, in the pub, standing in a queue. And I absolutely love the idea! I have a fairly hefty commute (1 1/2 hours each way) and I complain all the time about not having enough time to make things so why not combine the two?

So I hereby take their crafting pledge to craft in public without embarassment or shyness! My first day is tomorrow, wish me luck!

If you want to get involved, check out their website or find them on twitter


Friday, 19 November 2010

Bake of the Week


Welcome to something a little bit new, bake of the week. I’m going to share some of my favourite baking treats. I’m a long way from the best baker in the world so I promise they will all be super easy to make!

Everyone makes cupcakes in a slightly different way but my basic recipe goes a little something like this:

200g self raising flour

200g margarine

200g caster sugar

2 medium sized eggs

A teaspoon of vanilla essence

1. Mix together the sugar and margarine

2. Beat in the eggs

3. Stir in the flour and the vanilla essence until light and fluffy

4. Pop into cases and put in the oven (around 170 degrees) for about 15 minutes

How easy is that? Everyone’s ovens will cook slightly differently so practice makes perfect!

One of favourite flavours is mint choc chip. It has a vanilla sponge base with chocolate chips, then chocolate buttercream icing with a hint of peppermint. And finished off with some chocolate sprinkles!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gothic Glamour

Gothic Glamour
One of my favourite trends this season is the gothic trend. As the world has gone vampire crazy (including me a little bit) the fashion world has let us indulge in a bit of gothic glamour.

Look out for:
  • Beautiful shades of navy, purple and black with a touch of silver
  • Velvet, lace and crepe
  • Fur and feathers (fake, definately fake!)
  • Ribbons and ruffles but try to keep it subtle!
Top it all off with some super dark nail varnish (I'm typing this with Rimmel Blue Vogue on) and some berry lipstick.

Keep it simple: jeans, white tee and a lace cape

Go the whole way: lace dress and fascinator, accessorised with feathers and velvet

Which would you like to see as my outfit of the day?


ps. This is my first attempt at a Polyvore set. I think I have a lot to learn but I'm pretty happy with it!

Monday, 18 October 2010

L is for Laptops

I sit on a train every day surrounding by people tapping away on their laptops so I thought I would dedicate a week of Folksy Finds to computer wizardry!

 This stripy laptop case would definately brighten up my day! (Toggle, £31.50)

 Or smarten up your iPad with this gorgeous case, available for £25 from Egoor England

These rings are made from Apple command keys (Ladygeek, £8)

Or show off the inside of your computer with these circuit board earrings from Leopard Print Bee (£7)

I don't usually want to be reminded of work on a tea break but with a tea cosy this cute, I couldn't complain! (Sarah Kerry, £15)

I say it every week but it always holds true, everything was available at the time of writing

Have a lovely day

Monday, 11 October 2010

K is for Kiss

Another week, another Folksy Finds! This weeks the theme is kiss

This cute necklace is called You Have To Kiss a Lot of Frogs! Available for £15 from Foundlings Jewellry

These little birds look familiar! This Tweet Kiss pendant is from Sian Bostwick Jewellry (£22)

The detail on this postcard is amazing (Culture Closet, £8.99)

Sometimes it's best to just ask straight! This card is £1.75 from Marge Designs

As always, all items were available at the time of writing

Have a lovely day! 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

4 Stories: Colour

Somehow I managed to miss a couple of weeks of four stories but I'm back with the topic of colour.

Story 1:
My favourite colour is most definately pink! When I first went to university, everything I had was pink; duvet cover, curtains, saucepans, a rug. It's the most girly of all colours and I'm not necessarily the girliest of all people but no other colour makes me as happy.

Story 2:
I recently moved in to my first proper home with the man (and the pink had to be toned down a bit!) but I'm really enjoying putting little splashes of colour everywhere. Its only rented so the walls are the typical magnolia but I can't decide whether I love the grey and purple theme of our bedroom or the white, red and lime green of our living room. One thing I'm definately not a fan of is the peach kitchen cupboards but there's not a lot I can do about those...

Story 3:
One of my best friends has the most amazing ginger hair. And would only ever wear blue as she was absolutely convinced any other colour clashed horrendously. One of my happiest moments was convincing her that actually a thousand other colours looked amazing, starting with green. She's still slightly obsessed with green about 7 years later!

Story 4:
It took me days upon days to decide on the colours for this blog. It started completely pink which although I hate to admit it, didn't look great! Then suddenly this combination came up and I instantly loved it. I love being spontaneous though so don't be too surprised if it all changes at some point...

Head over to Freckled Nest to take part in Four stories yourself

Have a lovely day

Ps. What's your favourite colour?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

4 simple goals: Update

So I thought I would give a little update on how I'm doing on my 4 simple goals. None of my goals really have a set end result, so I can't really blog when I've achieved them. So I thought little updates would work too!

Me and the man have had lots of date nights and date days! There's been a trip to the zoo, a visit to a farm shop to buy some yummy vegetables for dinner, coffee and cake, takeaway and film nights... I have (accidently) cheated a little bit though, the man has a new job so we actually have time to spend together now! But still, there have been date nights so this goal is going well!

Definately been a bit more creative recently! My bedroom has had a bit of a makeover and I have been making lots of little samples for potential Etsy and Folksy products. I won't say too much because I want to share it all properly but the creative juices have been flowing!

I reckon I've said yes a lot more than I've said no this last month. Which has led to reading some books I would never have read otherwise, being on nights out I would otherwise have left early from and lots of other fun things. Actually thinking about it to write this post, has encouraged me to make even more effort to say yes for the coming month. Wish me luck!

The only goal I haven't been totally great at is the blogging more! But I making so much more effort I promise. This is the goal I am going to focus on most for the next month. Hopefully by the end of the year this will be much improved!

So far, so good I reckon! Its definately making life more interesting...

Monday, 20 September 2010

J is Jewellery

After a rather long hiatus, Folksy Finds is back (and now on a Monday!). I'm starting back again with one of the broadest categories ever but maybe some of the nicest finds on Folksy.

These vintage knitting needle bangles are just lovely. Available from Ingrid Nation, £10 for all three

This necklace is so dainty, I would want to wear a seriously pretty dress with it! (Lonely Hearts, £12.50)

 Just what I need on the commute so I can disappear off into my literary world, available from Bookity for £4.50

This ring has been inspired by autumn and I love the colours! Kiwi Chick Creations, £7.50

Such a quirky octopus! (Cherryloco Jewellry, £16)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Four Stories: Swimming

So over at Freckled Nest, there is a new idea to blog four stories about a particular topic every week. And this week its swimming.

Story One:

When I was younger I had swimming lessons every Saturday morning. They were always super early but I never minded, because swimming was actually one sport I was fairly good at. Then I would sit in the spectator deck above the pool doing my homework while my sister had her lessons. It just wasn't the weekend if my hair didn't have a faint smell of chlorine!

Story Two:

By the time I got to the end of high school, my lessons had fizzled out and I only swam really occassionally (the pressure of swimming competitively had caused me to give it up completely a couple of years before). But me and my friends would always pick swimming as our PE option because that meant we could leave the school site during the day and finish school early! We didn't even properly swim, just splashed about doing various underwater gymnastics. That was about as rebellious as I got back then!!

Story Three:

On my summer holiday this year, me and the man swam out from the shore to an old shipwreck that must have been about a mile out to sea. The water was so beautifully warm and crystal clear. Little tropical fish were swimming around us and our only worry was trying not to brush against any sea anenomes! The view of the beach and our hotel from the wreck was absolutely amazing. So amazing in fact, we did it all over again a couple of days later with an waterproof disposable camera and a snorkel to try and capture some of the memories!

Story Four:

This is less of a story and more of a dream! After my holiday I had a sudden urge to learn to scuba dive so I could get even closer to the tropical wildlife I experienced. I've even found a place to do it just down the road from where I live. Now I just need to find the time and the money to manage it...

Head over to Freckled Nest to read LA's stories and learn more about taking part as well! I would love to read some more swimming related stories!!

Hope your day has gone swimmingly!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Shopping, shopping, shopping

So last week, I went to an exclusive shopping event at Harrods organised by Glamour magazine. It was so much fun to have a look at all the new season clothes. And there was free icecream!

At the entrance, we were given a lanyard to tick all the freebies we could collect throughout the evening. There were makeovers by Dainty Doll and facials with Kiehl's.

And this key, which if your code matched could win you a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes! Sadly, there were no free shoes for me :(

 I bought a gorgeous cardigan from Warehouse (that I wore the next day with my skinny jeans and a plain white t). 

But had to resist buying this amazing Ted Baker jumpsuit...

Then we all got given a goodie bag filled with lovely pieces!

It was a really great way to spend the evening, I can't wait to start buying AW pieces now!

Have a lovely day

Saturday, 21 August 2010

And suddenly everything went crazy...

So I realised the other day that I hadn't posted on my blog in over a month. And then I thought about everything that happened it that month and couldn't believe that I hadn't shared any of it here. So here goes a whistlestop tour of everything that has happened to try and explain my lack of activity here...

Firstly I went on a lovely holiday to Egypt with the man. It was our first holiday together and a well deserved rest. I'm already planning the next escape (but more on that later)

Then I graduated from uni. After three long hard years it was a relief to get through it and I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself. And I got to wear a silly outfit for the day!

I have also started a new job. It is basically my dream job that I've wanted to do since I was about 14 and I'm so lucky to get it so quickly after finishing university. It's a big change to be working 9-5 Monday to Friday but I'm absolutely loving it!

And then as if the rest of this wasn't stressful enough, I moved house. I had to move out of my student house anyway so me and the man have moved into a cute little flat even closer to the sea than I was before. It still looks a mess, I can see unpacked bags and boxes from here...

So basically my entire life has been shaken up. I'm really enjoying the fresh start all this is offering. And hopefully I will now have lots of time for the stuff I want to do (including this blog!)

Monday, 16 August 2010

4 simple goals

I'm a little late to the game but I really like the idea of Elsie's 4 simple goals. I know I have my long list of long term goals on my blog and they are slowly being ticked off. But these are different, with the idea for them to be completed before the end of the year. Here are her rules:

1. Choose simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis. Choose things you may not otherwise get done, but that are not difficult to accomplish.

2. Do not choose result oriented goals, choose activity oriented goals. for example.... instead of "lose 10 pounds", choose something like "eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day". get what i'm saying? positive actions instead of just the end result!

3. Choose goals that are personal that you believe will truly make your life richer just by doing them! They can be daily, weekly or one time experiences.

4. Choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished! It can be a small or large reward.

5. Blog your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year!

So my four goals are:

1. Have a regular date night! My and the man's lives are so busy that sometimes we barely see each other. I really want to say every week but that might be a bit ambitious. Definately once a fortnight even if it's just a coffee and a chat!

2. Be more creative! The list of things I want to make is getting longer but nothing has actually been made in far too long.

3. Say yes! Who knows what I'm missing out on every time I say no? This should make life more of an adventure...

4. Blog more often! I love blogging but somehow it just gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list all the time. And the bottom never quite gets reached!

What would you have as your simple goals? I think Elsie summed it up perfectly:
personal challenges to make your life more beautiful every day.
Wish me luck!


Sunday, 27 June 2010

I is for Icecream

I'm continuing the summer theme again this week, so I is for icecream!

 How sweet is this little ring! It comes in a few colours so it's decision time! Available for £3 from Heavenly Trinkets

Keep all those important items on the freezer with these little magnets, just keep the actual icecream inside! (£4, Lilley)

Sweeten up someone's day with this card for only 90p from Blossom Creations

And then brighten up your own day with these yummy badges (£2, Buttons and Birdhouses)

I'm off now for some iceccream, maybe with a little bit of chocolate sauce...


Sunday, 20 June 2010

H is for Holidays

As this post is published, I will be on a plane flying back from a (hopefully) lovely holiday so it seems only fitting that the theme this week is holidays!!

These postcard purses show great British places perfect for a summer holidays! I also love the way they have been presented in this photo. Many available from Fabric Nation, £10

Brighten up the dullest of days with this holiday themed bunting (£10, Cotton Cabin)

Who wouldn't want to recieve this pretty badge for a cool Pack Holiday? Available for £3 from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

I saw it every week but...all items available on Folksy at the time of writing

Have a lovely day


Sunday, 13 June 2010

G is for Gardens

The weather is hotting up around here and everyone's thoughts are turning to the outdoors. So this week the theme is gardens.

This lovely journal has pockets for seeds and pages for pressed flowers so you can remember your garden always! Available for £20 from Three Generations

These beautiful screen prints of a manor garden are just lovely, I just can't decide which colour I like best! (£38, Mengsel)

This necklace is a-ma-zing! It's just so pretty! Available from The Whimsical Wren for £13

Perfect for when you are forced to stop reading that page turner as the sun goes down (£7, It's the little things)

Once again, everything was available on Folksy at the time of writing!

Have a lovely day, I'm going to sit in the garden and dream of all these beautiful things...


Monday, 7 June 2010

What's in your bag...

Well I'm trying to blog more now I have lots more time, but I'm easing myself in gently with this post! Seen quite a few of my blogging friends do this at some point so here goes...

Most of the things seems pretty self explanatory; phone, keys, purse, my beloved iPod (worryingly without any headphones)

Then there's the spare change I always have floating around my bag, until I actually need some change!

My really pretty diary that goes everywhere with me to try and organise my chaos (usually unsucessfully!)

The pink thing is my bus pass (with my phone over the awful picture, seriously bus drivers must have nightmares)

There's also a travelcard from my trip to London 6 weeks ago and loads of reciepts, this has definately encouraged me to sort my bag out!

I don't wear much makeup so just an eyeliner, mascara and lip balm live in my bag so I can make myself look awake when necessary

I've got a dodgy toe at the moment (still a lovely reminder of my marathon) so that explains the micropore tape and painkillers

And to top it all off a half eaten apple cereal bar, so glamourous!!

My camera also lives in my bag but obviously I was using it to take the photo...

This probably wasn't the most exciting post but I can never help being curious about the wonders of people's handbags! Maybe if I carried around less food and rubbish, my bag wouldn't be so heavy all the time...


Sunday, 6 June 2010


My exams and actually my entire degree is now over! I still have to wait a few weeks for my results, graduation etc but the actual work is done.

So I have so much more time for the fun stuff in life! And that includes this blog, so there's a lot to look forward to...

I'm going to try a few different posts in the next few weeks, especially some look of the day kinda posts and lots of photos of all the cakes I made when I should have been revising!

And then I've got a few more surprises up my sleeve...

Hope you stay along for the ride!


F is for Facial Hair

Welcome to another week of Folksy Finds! This week is on the theme of facial hair so beards, moustaches, you get the idea! Not for any particular reason, just for fun...

 I think this little felt brooch is so cute, kinda reminds me of a leprecaun! £3 from Fox Bunting Prints and Crafts

I have absolutely no reason to own this but it's so cool!  (£10, Wife of Brian)

Keep your hands cool and your drink hot with this super sweet coffee sleeve (£8 from Quirky Boots)

When in doubt, keep a disguise around your neck!! Available from Joelleab for £11

 Add a little mystery to your letters with these hand carved rubber stamps, £5.50 from Skulls and Cross Buns

As usual, all items were available on Folksy at the time of writing!

Have a lovely day


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Almost there...

Just a quick post to apologise for the lack of posts recently! I'm in the middle of final exams so everything else has sort of disappeared from my mind...

But summer is almost here so much more free time (in between job hunting and house hunting!) so I can promise many more posts!


E is for England

I love England and its green countryside and amazing citys, so it seems only fitting to have an England themed Folksy Finds! Why not sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy?

 These gorgeous needle books are also available in green, from Sew Recycled (£6.50)

Never get lost again or at least stay comfy with this printed cushion (Mrs Gibson's Atelier, £35)

I love this print of London townhouse from Lyndsey Hunter (£12)

Support England in the World Cup and have a cute addition to your home with this sporty Meerkat, available from NiftyKnits for £25

Another cute addition to your home is this mini paper bunting, only £3 from Buttons Up
Have the most British of ears with these beautiful earrings (Fluffs Stuffs, £6)

Well after all that, I'm off for a cup of tea myself! Once again, everything was available on Folksy at the time of writing!

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