Sunday, 27 June 2010

I is for Icecream

I'm continuing the summer theme again this week, so I is for icecream!

 How sweet is this little ring! It comes in a few colours so it's decision time! Available for £3 from Heavenly Trinkets

Keep all those important items on the freezer with these little magnets, just keep the actual icecream inside! (£4, Lilley)

Sweeten up someone's day with this card for only 90p from Blossom Creations

And then brighten up your own day with these yummy badges (£2, Buttons and Birdhouses)

I'm off now for some iceccream, maybe with a little bit of chocolate sauce...


Sunday, 20 June 2010

H is for Holidays

As this post is published, I will be on a plane flying back from a (hopefully) lovely holiday so it seems only fitting that the theme this week is holidays!!

These postcard purses show great British places perfect for a summer holidays! I also love the way they have been presented in this photo. Many available from Fabric Nation, £10

Brighten up the dullest of days with this holiday themed bunting (£10, Cotton Cabin)

Who wouldn't want to recieve this pretty badge for a cool Pack Holiday? Available for £3 from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

I saw it every week but...all items available on Folksy at the time of writing

Have a lovely day


Sunday, 13 June 2010

G is for Gardens

The weather is hotting up around here and everyone's thoughts are turning to the outdoors. So this week the theme is gardens.

This lovely journal has pockets for seeds and pages for pressed flowers so you can remember your garden always! Available for £20 from Three Generations

These beautiful screen prints of a manor garden are just lovely, I just can't decide which colour I like best! (£38, Mengsel)

This necklace is a-ma-zing! It's just so pretty! Available from The Whimsical Wren for £13

Perfect for when you are forced to stop reading that page turner as the sun goes down (£7, It's the little things)

Once again, everything was available on Folksy at the time of writing!

Have a lovely day, I'm going to sit in the garden and dream of all these beautiful things...


Monday, 7 June 2010

What's in your bag...

Well I'm trying to blog more now I have lots more time, but I'm easing myself in gently with this post! Seen quite a few of my blogging friends do this at some point so here goes...

Most of the things seems pretty self explanatory; phone, keys, purse, my beloved iPod (worryingly without any headphones)

Then there's the spare change I always have floating around my bag, until I actually need some change!

My really pretty diary that goes everywhere with me to try and organise my chaos (usually unsucessfully!)

The pink thing is my bus pass (with my phone over the awful picture, seriously bus drivers must have nightmares)

There's also a travelcard from my trip to London 6 weeks ago and loads of reciepts, this has definately encouraged me to sort my bag out!

I don't wear much makeup so just an eyeliner, mascara and lip balm live in my bag so I can make myself look awake when necessary

I've got a dodgy toe at the moment (still a lovely reminder of my marathon) so that explains the micropore tape and painkillers

And to top it all off a half eaten apple cereal bar, so glamourous!!

My camera also lives in my bag but obviously I was using it to take the photo...

This probably wasn't the most exciting post but I can never help being curious about the wonders of people's handbags! Maybe if I carried around less food and rubbish, my bag wouldn't be so heavy all the time...


Sunday, 6 June 2010


My exams and actually my entire degree is now over! I still have to wait a few weeks for my results, graduation etc but the actual work is done.

So I have so much more time for the fun stuff in life! And that includes this blog, so there's a lot to look forward to...

I'm going to try a few different posts in the next few weeks, especially some look of the day kinda posts and lots of photos of all the cakes I made when I should have been revising!

And then I've got a few more surprises up my sleeve...

Hope you stay along for the ride!


F is for Facial Hair

Welcome to another week of Folksy Finds! This week is on the theme of facial hair so beards, moustaches, you get the idea! Not for any particular reason, just for fun...

 I think this little felt brooch is so cute, kinda reminds me of a leprecaun! £3 from Fox Bunting Prints and Crafts

I have absolutely no reason to own this but it's so cool!  (£10, Wife of Brian)

Keep your hands cool and your drink hot with this super sweet coffee sleeve (£8 from Quirky Boots)

When in doubt, keep a disguise around your neck!! Available from Joelleab for £11

 Add a little mystery to your letters with these hand carved rubber stamps, £5.50 from Skulls and Cross Buns

As usual, all items were available on Folksy at the time of writing!

Have a lovely day


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