Sunday, 6 June 2010

F is for Facial Hair

Welcome to another week of Folksy Finds! This week is on the theme of facial hair so beards, moustaches, you get the idea! Not for any particular reason, just for fun...

 I think this little felt brooch is so cute, kinda reminds me of a leprecaun! £3 from Fox Bunting Prints and Crafts

I have absolutely no reason to own this but it's so cool!  (£10, Wife of Brian)

Keep your hands cool and your drink hot with this super sweet coffee sleeve (£8 from Quirky Boots)

When in doubt, keep a disguise around your neck!! Available from Joelleab for £11

 Add a little mystery to your letters with these hand carved rubber stamps, £5.50 from Skulls and Cross Buns

As usual, all items were available on Folksy at the time of writing!

Have a lovely day


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