Monday, 7 June 2010

What's in your bag...

Well I'm trying to blog more now I have lots more time, but I'm easing myself in gently with this post! Seen quite a few of my blogging friends do this at some point so here goes...

Most of the things seems pretty self explanatory; phone, keys, purse, my beloved iPod (worryingly without any headphones)

Then there's the spare change I always have floating around my bag, until I actually need some change!

My really pretty diary that goes everywhere with me to try and organise my chaos (usually unsucessfully!)

The pink thing is my bus pass (with my phone over the awful picture, seriously bus drivers must have nightmares)

There's also a travelcard from my trip to London 6 weeks ago and loads of reciepts, this has definately encouraged me to sort my bag out!

I don't wear much makeup so just an eyeliner, mascara and lip balm live in my bag so I can make myself look awake when necessary

I've got a dodgy toe at the moment (still a lovely reminder of my marathon) so that explains the micropore tape and painkillers

And to top it all off a half eaten apple cereal bar, so glamourous!!

My camera also lives in my bag but obviously I was using it to take the photo...

This probably wasn't the most exciting post but I can never help being curious about the wonders of people's handbags! Maybe if I carried around less food and rubbish, my bag wouldn't be so heavy all the time...


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  1. Hello there!
    My name is Sara and I'm in the RVA Summer Camp class with you! Thought I would stop in and give you a blogland hello!

    Cute blog!


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