Sunday, 19 September 2010

Four Stories: Swimming

So over at Freckled Nest, there is a new idea to blog four stories about a particular topic every week. And this week its swimming.

Story One:

When I was younger I had swimming lessons every Saturday morning. They were always super early but I never minded, because swimming was actually one sport I was fairly good at. Then I would sit in the spectator deck above the pool doing my homework while my sister had her lessons. It just wasn't the weekend if my hair didn't have a faint smell of chlorine!

Story Two:

By the time I got to the end of high school, my lessons had fizzled out and I only swam really occassionally (the pressure of swimming competitively had caused me to give it up completely a couple of years before). But me and my friends would always pick swimming as our PE option because that meant we could leave the school site during the day and finish school early! We didn't even properly swim, just splashed about doing various underwater gymnastics. That was about as rebellious as I got back then!!

Story Three:

On my summer holiday this year, me and the man swam out from the shore to an old shipwreck that must have been about a mile out to sea. The water was so beautifully warm and crystal clear. Little tropical fish were swimming around us and our only worry was trying not to brush against any sea anenomes! The view of the beach and our hotel from the wreck was absolutely amazing. So amazing in fact, we did it all over again a couple of days later with an waterproof disposable camera and a snorkel to try and capture some of the memories!

Story Four:

This is less of a story and more of a dream! After my holiday I had a sudden urge to learn to scuba dive so I could get even closer to the tropical wildlife I experienced. I've even found a place to do it just down the road from where I live. Now I just need to find the time and the money to manage it...

Head over to Freckled Nest to read LA's stories and learn more about taking part as well! I would love to read some more swimming related stories!!

Hope your day has gone swimmingly!


  1. Oh wow!! I'm envious of Story #3!! I dream of swimming through shipwrecks, seeing tropical fish and having an adventure like that! I was smiling ear to ear reading about your adventure! Good luck learning scuba, that will be incredible!!!!!!!

    Thanks for participating! Love Leigh-Ann

  2. Swimming out to an old shipwreck sounds epic!! Also terrifying to swim so far out!! I'd bring a little raft to float on :D Great stories!! Thanks for stopping by and reading mine as well! Looking forward to more this weekend :)

  3. Great stories - the shipwreck swim sounds absolutely delicious - what a memory to hold on to!


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