Sunday, 10 October 2010

4 Stories: Colour

Somehow I managed to miss a couple of weeks of four stories but I'm back with the topic of colour.

Story 1:
My favourite colour is most definately pink! When I first went to university, everything I had was pink; duvet cover, curtains, saucepans, a rug. It's the most girly of all colours and I'm not necessarily the girliest of all people but no other colour makes me as happy.

Story 2:
I recently moved in to my first proper home with the man (and the pink had to be toned down a bit!) but I'm really enjoying putting little splashes of colour everywhere. Its only rented so the walls are the typical magnolia but I can't decide whether I love the grey and purple theme of our bedroom or the white, red and lime green of our living room. One thing I'm definately not a fan of is the peach kitchen cupboards but there's not a lot I can do about those...

Story 3:
One of my best friends has the most amazing ginger hair. And would only ever wear blue as she was absolutely convinced any other colour clashed horrendously. One of my happiest moments was convincing her that actually a thousand other colours looked amazing, starting with green. She's still slightly obsessed with green about 7 years later!

Story 4:
It took me days upon days to decide on the colours for this blog. It started completely pink which although I hate to admit it, didn't look great! Then suddenly this combination came up and I instantly loved it. I love being spontaneous though so don't be too surprised if it all changes at some point...

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Have a lovely day

Ps. What's your favourite colour?

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