Monday, 18 October 2010

L is for Laptops

I sit on a train every day surrounding by people tapping away on their laptops so I thought I would dedicate a week of Folksy Finds to computer wizardry!

 This stripy laptop case would definately brighten up my day! (Toggle, £31.50)

 Or smarten up your iPad with this gorgeous case, available for £25 from Egoor England

These rings are made from Apple command keys (Ladygeek, £8)

Or show off the inside of your computer with these circuit board earrings from Leopard Print Bee (£7)

I don't usually want to be reminded of work on a tea break but with a tea cosy this cute, I couldn't complain! (Sarah Kerry, £15)

I say it every week but it always holds true, everything was available at the time of writing

Have a lovely day

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