Sunday, 16 January 2011

New 52: Week 2

I went to a spa for the first time

It's a bit of a cheat because this was planned long before the start of 2011 and the start of new 52. But it was new and it happened this week so I'm counting it! Had a very relaxing day and experienced my first facial. Unfortunately no pictures, I was way too chilled out to take any photos of us wandering around in our robes and slippers

I made my first cupcakes with wholemeal flour

This probably doesn't sound all that exciting. But if I explain that I've had wholemeal flour in the cupboard waiting to try out a recipe for at least six months, then maybe it will make more sense!

Fresh from the oven

They are made with wholemeal flour (obviously) and oranges, so they taste just like toast and marmalade! They are going to be part of the best breakfast on the go tomorrow, my fellow commuters will be envious!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Thought I would quickly share some likes and dislikes of today...


My boss bringing in cupcakes to share at morning tea

Realising my flat is still quite tidy after my mammoth cleaning session

Melon for breakfast


Angry commuters

Wanting to make more cushions but not having any time this week

My self imposed Starbucks ban

Hope you're having a good week, I'm working on lots of new ideas for my lovely blog. It's making me excited just thinking about it!

Monday, 10 January 2011

More Floral Cushions

So this weekend I made some new cushion covers for my mum and her husband. Their bedroomm is mainly 'mocha' and cream hence the brown colour scheme.

The 'b' is pretty much the same as the 'd' (strangely enough!) so thought I wouldn't bore you with more pics of it!

 I really love the fabrics I used for this project, I have quite a bit left over so it's probably going to appear in some other projects in the next few weeks.

These were the first cushion covers I have sewn using my sewing machine which makes me very happy. If they remotely matched my current bedroom I would probably keep them for myself!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New 52: Week 1

So kicking off new 52 with a couple of new things this week,

I saw my first television show being filmed

(Picture found here)

It was a filming of the gameshow The Cube (if you haven't seen it, it's basically contestants completing seemingly simple tasks in a glass cube for increasing sums of money). I had seen the show a few times before so thought why not? But as an added twist I actually in the audience for the Saudi Arabian version. Despite not speaking a word of Arabic! It was a surreal but very entertaining evening and something I had never had the chance to do before.

I made a cushion cover using my sewing machine

I've made a few cushion covers before but always hand stitched the whole thing. Which takes time, lots and lots of time. So this time I did the decorative bits by hand but every seam and hem is by machine. Not in very straight lines and definately not perfectly but I'm actually super proud! I no longer have that slight fear of my sewing machine... (More on the cushion covers later)

I'm feeling nicely motivated for more new experiences this week now!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Florals and Turtles

I've been wanting to share this for a while but didn't want to spoil the surprise for my sister. These cushions were her Christmas present and I'm pleased to say she loved them!

The first one is a floral initial hand sewn onto a plain calico base.

 She's slightly obsessed with turtles so here's my floral version. Even if my man thought it was a fat gingerbread man!

They are envelope backs, one with more florals and the other the calico. Here's a little close up of the floral I used:

If you couldn't guess her favourite colour is green!

Big apologies for the slightly dodgy quality of the photos, they were taken in a bit of a rush before I had to wrap them up! Such a hit with the family though that I'm off now to make some more for my mum...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy new year everyone! I have a sneaky suspicion that 2011 is gonna be a fabulous year!! So thought I would kick off with a post about my new year resolutions, might give me the motivation to stick to them.

Spend lots of quality time with my nearest and dearest

It's not that I didn't spend lots of time with my favourite people in 2010, I just want to do it even more this year.
Which leads in quite nicely to another resolution this year...

Try something new
I wat to have as many new experiences as I can this year. I was already thinking that this could be as massive as a holiday in a new place or as small as ordering the new item on a menu.

And trust blog land to come up with something that is almost exactly that! New52 is all about doing something new each week and of course, blogging about it. As they put it, 'come from a place of “yes” a bit more and not immediately shy away from an idea because it’s outside my comfort zone'. You can read a bit more about this here and here.


The wonderful world of blogs has helped me out with this one too. I have been wanted to try my hand at some upcycling for ages but other things have always eaten up my time. So I loved reading about Project Re Style! The idea is you take something unwanted and turn it into something you can love and enjoy, take a before and after pic and add it the Flickr group. Easy peasy! Seeing everyone else's work will surely motivate me to try it too? Read more about it here.

Beat my running personal bests

Some of you might remember I ran a marathon last April in a slightly slower time than anticipated. So this year I hope to beat not only my marathon time but my half marathon and 10k times too. That's gonna take a bit of work though...

 Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year, here's to an even better 2011
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