Sunday, 9 January 2011

New 52: Week 1

So kicking off new 52 with a couple of new things this week,

I saw my first television show being filmed

(Picture found here)

It was a filming of the gameshow The Cube (if you haven't seen it, it's basically contestants completing seemingly simple tasks in a glass cube for increasing sums of money). I had seen the show a few times before so thought why not? But as an added twist I actually in the audience for the Saudi Arabian version. Despite not speaking a word of Arabic! It was a surreal but very entertaining evening and something I had never had the chance to do before.

I made a cushion cover using my sewing machine

I've made a few cushion covers before but always hand stitched the whole thing. Which takes time, lots and lots of time. So this time I did the decorative bits by hand but every seam and hem is by machine. Not in very straight lines and definately not perfectly but I'm actually super proud! I no longer have that slight fear of my sewing machine... (More on the cushion covers later)

I'm feeling nicely motivated for more new experiences this week now!


  1. I've never seen a live TV show, I don't think! I'm trying to remember. I don't think so? What a fun week!

  2. Okay, hanging out in the cube sounds like a LOT of fun!! lol!!! And um, I BOW at your sewing skillz! I seriously cannot remember how to thread a sewing machine! :(

  3. Sounds like you've had a fun packed week! I've heard of The Cube, but never actually watched it! Love, love, LOVE your cushion cover!!! I wish I owned a sewing machine, but alas, I fear DH would flip if I bought one ... another piece of craft machinery that would be used for the 1st few weeks, then set aside to gather dust (yes I'm guilty of doing that WAY to often), so instead, I'll stick to my digi-scrapping ... at least that way, DH can't see my stash. LOL!


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