Sunday, 16 January 2011

New 52: Week 2

I went to a spa for the first time

It's a bit of a cheat because this was planned long before the start of 2011 and the start of new 52. But it was new and it happened this week so I'm counting it! Had a very relaxing day and experienced my first facial. Unfortunately no pictures, I was way too chilled out to take any photos of us wandering around in our robes and slippers

I made my first cupcakes with wholemeal flour

This probably doesn't sound all that exciting. But if I explain that I've had wholemeal flour in the cupboard waiting to try out a recipe for at least six months, then maybe it will make more sense!

Fresh from the oven

They are made with wholemeal flour (obviously) and oranges, so they taste just like toast and marmalade! They are going to be part of the best breakfast on the go tomorrow, my fellow commuters will be envious!

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