Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy new year everyone! I have a sneaky suspicion that 2011 is gonna be a fabulous year!! So thought I would kick off with a post about my new year resolutions, might give me the motivation to stick to them.

Spend lots of quality time with my nearest and dearest

It's not that I didn't spend lots of time with my favourite people in 2010, I just want to do it even more this year.
Which leads in quite nicely to another resolution this year...

Try something new
I wat to have as many new experiences as I can this year. I was already thinking that this could be as massive as a holiday in a new place or as small as ordering the new item on a menu.

And trust blog land to come up with something that is almost exactly that! New52 is all about doing something new each week and of course, blogging about it. As they put it, 'come from a place of “yes” a bit more and not immediately shy away from an idea because it’s outside my comfort zone'. You can read a bit more about this here and here.


The wonderful world of blogs has helped me out with this one too. I have been wanted to try my hand at some upcycling for ages but other things have always eaten up my time. So I loved reading about Project Re Style! The idea is you take something unwanted and turn it into something you can love and enjoy, take a before and after pic and add it the Flickr group. Easy peasy! Seeing everyone else's work will surely motivate me to try it too? Read more about it here.

Beat my running personal bests

Some of you might remember I ran a marathon last April in a slightly slower time than anticipated. So this year I hope to beat not only my marathon time but my half marathon and 10k times too. That's gonna take a bit of work though...

 Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year, here's to an even better 2011

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