Friday, 11 March 2011

40 Days

I've decided to give up trousers. And now I feel I need to explain this a little better! When I started my current job 9 months ago I was so excited about not having to wear the boring black trousers and shirt that was my old uniform. Finally all those pretty skirts and dresses would get to be worn. Except they haven't. I slipped into a comfortable routine of trousers and jeans every single day. 

So for the next 40 days (well the last 2 and the next 38) I will not be wearing any trousers. The dresses and skirts will be worn with pride! Thank you Lent for providing such a handy time period. 

I've also been meaning to have some outfit posts on here for a while so hopefully this will help give me the incentive to do that. Starting with now...

Day 1: Denim skirt (H&M), Shirt (H&M), grey t-shirt (Primark)

Wow, do I look awkward here! I promise over the next few days/weeks I will a) find better locations for my pictures and b) work on looking happier in the photos

Day 2: Denim skirt (H&M), Top (American Eagle), Cardigan (Topshop)

This photo was actually taken completely accidentally but I think it kind of works. If you ignore the messy flat behind me...

Maybe I shouldn't have chosen my week off work to start this, all I want to do is wear my comfiest clothes that probably don't really work for outfit posts. Next week I'm back to the grindstone and I promise the outfits will get prettier! 

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  1. I love skirts, they're so fun. I little impractical for my job right now though ;-)
    I'm your swap partner in sewtara's swap. Could you email me your address please to virginiamae(at)
    Any fav colors? I see you're a fan of stars, cake and pink! =) I'll see what I can come up with!


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