Monday, 14 March 2011

Dresses for the Weekend

So I'm a few days into my 40 days of dresses challenge and thought I would catch you up on some more outfits.

Day 3
Dress: Miss Selfridge, Cardigan: H&M

Another hilariously awkward photo from me here. Just a casual day at home today so comfort was the main idea. 

Day 4
Dress: H&M, Cardigan: Topshop, Belt: Primark

Day 6
T-shirt: Topshop, Skirt: Primark (buttons added by me)

No comments on the awful posing please! I wasn't ready for the photo at all but it actually turned out to be my favourite one taken. I'm back at work after my holiday so it's a bit easier to wear skirts and dresses now. 

Day 5 is missing (did you notice?), for very simple reasons. I spent the whole day in pyjamas or my running gear which are 1) the only type of trousers I'm allowing myself for this challenge and 2) images no-one needs to see!

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