Saturday, 19 March 2011

It Feels Like Summer Already

Today was a stunning day in Brighton. Actually, it was hard to believe it's still only March and summer is quite a way off yet.

Brighton Pavilion

Pavilion Gardens (and the Brighton Museum)

There was a brass band playing in the gardens this morning which was lovely. Slightly random things like that tend to happen quite a lot in Brighton!

 A new little discovery! Every Saturday (and soon Wednesdays), the Brighton Farm Market is open. There were lots of local producers; butchers, jams, honey, chocolates, fruit and veg, cakes. I could have bought enough food to last me a month. Locals should definitely give it a visit (Diplocks Market, North Road, website

I also came across this really cool project in Tidy Street. The electricity consumption of the street is being recorded daily over four weeks and compared to the Brighton average. But the best bit? It's being recorded on the road along Tidy Street. Find out a bit more here. I'm hoping to pop back towards the end of the project to see how they did! 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh, beautiful area! I can't wait until my farmer's market begins. It's so much better buying local!

  2. Hey Sare
    We have a flickr group here
    Maybe you could add your pics of tidy street!


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