Thursday, 10 March 2011

A little free time

I read about about a hundred magazines a month, there's the usual girly glossies, sewing magazines, general craft magazines, running magazines. I can't even go to Hobbycraft without getting the magazine they produce every now and then!

So, in an effort to justify buying them really, I am going to do more than just flick through them. Free gifts will be used (and in most cases made), blogs and books and music and films that are endlessly recommended will be found, new techniques will be tried. You get the idea!

The pile of ripped out pages, free patterns and cross stitch kits is rather large already! But in an attempt to stay on top of it, here's the free gift from Cross Stitcher magazine this month. It's a compact mirror case that was really quick and easy to make.

Look out soon for some more magazine related fun, the pile of potential projects is only going to get bigger!

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