Sunday, 20 March 2011

Quarter of the way there

I'm already 10 days into my challenge of not wearing trousers for 40 days. I've actually really enjoyed wearing dresses I haven't taken out the wardrobe in months. And the weather has definitely been on my side, spring finally feels like it's here!

Day 9
Dress: Primark, Cardigan: George, Belt: charity shop

Best face of the challenge so far! Thought I would try something a bit silly for today's photos, constant photos of me in my kitchen doorway probably aren't the greatest idea. Is this any better though?!

 Day 10
Dress: H&M (I think!), Headband and earrings: birthday presents

Think this might be my favourite outfit so far. I felt really pretty all day but still felt super comfortable all day. Win!

Day 11
Hoodie: H&M, Skirt: H&M, T-shirt: Reading Festival

Wow, doesn't someone look tired here! I completely forgot to take a photo of myself until pretty late, hence the half asleep eyes. Weekends are definitely for lounging around though!

So what have I learnt so far? I pull some seriously awkward poses in front of a camera. Most of my wardrobe comes from the same few shops, mostly bought on a very small student budget. But it's just laziness that makes me wear the same things all the time, this challenge has actually made me look through my wardrobe! 

For the next 30 or so days I promise to: be less awkward (I think it's getting better!) and to take pictures with nicer backgrounds (I have to apologise for all the messy house backgrounds so far). I sort of learning about good outfit posts as I go along, I hope to have mastered them by day 40! 

P.S. There isn't a day 12, it's another pyjama day! 

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