Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bake of the Week: Mississippi Mud Pie

 The Bake of the Week is actually a guest appearance by the mister. For the Thankgiving dinner we went to, he made a Mississippi Mud Pie.

So basically chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

It was super yummy and went down a storm with the guests.
Transporting it was a slight issue though, what else were glove boxes made for?

Also check out the rather fetching mo the mister is sporting! I'm a little bit glad Movember is over, the kisses were a bit bristly...But obviously it was all for a very good cause! 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Ok, so we are no Americans but we can still enjoy a Thanksgiving meal!

Organised so well by one of the mister’s best friends (for the second year running), it was a lovely afternoon of good food and good company.

And all that turkey got me a bit overexcited for Christmas!

I was so busy stuffing my face I have no pictures! Promise I will do better next year!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Maker's Boutique: 26th Nov

So I did my third and final Maker’s Boutique of the year this weekend. It was much busier than the last one so I had lots of browsers. Unfortunately my table was in a slightly odd position which made it quite difficult for people to see some of my items.

I have enjoyed my craft show experiences this year but I’m keen next year to try some new venues as well as finally starting to sell online. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

More handmade birthday gifts

Thought I would share another present I made recently. Well I made it months ago but only gave it away and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

The recipient in question had actually requested a make up brush roll but had probably forgotten all about it by the time she actually received it!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sports Day: Brighton 10k

The marathon training has begun again in earnest, well, sort of. This is the second year I have run the Brighton 10K as a wake up call so I can kickstart my training.

Me and my sister weren’t really taking it seriously enough this time. No one should really be doing karaoke after 4 miles but we had a great time!

And somehow we were only 30 seconds slower than last year! There’s hope for my next marathon yet…

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Legoland - August

Just a few photos of our trip to Legoland.

It's Brighton Pier!

Still find it amazing everything is made of Lego!


 I used to love making stuff as a kid but never quite as amazing as these

The Royal Wedding in all it's lego-y glory

And just as we were leaving I spotted Windsor Castle in the distance, imagine all of that built in Lego...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Another Handmade Present

This cushion was a present for my godmother’s birthday a few months ago now. She makes great cakes and is partial to a good cup of tea so the theme was easy to choose!

Some of the fabric I used I found from all my recent scrap swaps. It was really great to be able to make a cushion with colours I wouldn’t usually use.

 I might even have inspired her to dust off her old sewing machine again! 

I do need to get better at taking nice pictures before I give things away though...

Friday, 11 November 2011

A Bright Blue Sky

One beach clearly wasn’t enough for me…

Took a little trip to Eastbourne for the day to enjoy some more of the last minute summer sunshine

It all seems a distant memory now, roll on the comfy knitwear 

Birthday Celebrations: The Cake

I was going to put this in with the other birthday photos but I kinda feel it's so awesome it deserves its own post.

Now I'm the baker in our house, if I want cake I have to bake it. Except for this masterpiece...

The mister has really outdone himself with this one. And yes, that is edible glitter, marshmallow fluff and popping candy on top! Despite having more sugar than one person can possibly eat, it was absolutely delicious.

It was a lovely surprise to come home to, I hope he realises I will be expecting this every year...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Birthday Celebrations: Part 1

So this week it's my birthday! If you follow me on Twitter then you will probably already know that! So thought I would share some random photos from some of my celebrations so far. I'm one of those annoying people who stretches their birthday celebrations out as long as possible! As I write this there is at least 4 celebratory days to go...

I got some a-may-zing presents this year! Despite sewing all the time, I didn't actually have a sewing box. But now I do and it's shaped like a house! Well, a house with a polka dot roof anyway...

May also have got a lovely little present from a special little place! My mum visited New York this year so I had an inkling a Tiffany necklace may be coming my way but it was lovelier than I imagined. 

As you can probably tell I was not remotely prepared for any of these pictures being taken so please excuse the dodgy expressions! 

Having a birthday right near Bonfire Night has it's perks, namely an excuse for sparklers! I was a typical blogger and insisted on taking photos at the same time...

The mister may have proved that hinting does work! I'm actually a bit excited for my commute on Monday so I can test this bad boy out. Also, major excitement for the amount of free books you can download...

I've been trying to limit the Starbucks consumption recently but if you can't treat yourself on your birthday when can you?

Sorry guys, this definitely won't be the last birthday post, I just can't contain the excitement. And just think, it's almost time to get excited for Christmas...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bright Colours & Beach Fun

This year we had a crazy heatwave just when we all thought autumn had arrived. And it just happened to coincide with a week off work, couldn’t have planned it any better!


I spent a lot of time on the beach…


And had one last chance to crack out the summer pretties…

Saturday, 5 November 2011

On The Commute

So I've mentioned before that I have a pretty monster commute, a 3 hour round trip every day. 90% of the time I really don't mind it. Until I hear the words 'We apologise for the delay to your service...'

But as I spend quite a chunk of my week commuting I might as well share what I get up to during all those hours on trains!

I’ve been reading…One Day.

Tweet Review - Emma meets Dexter. Revisit them on the same day for 20 years. Watch their lives and loves develop as they grow up. Hope for a happy ending.
So I’m reading this for at least the 3rd time! I truly love this book and it seems a little bit different every time you read it. Although the ending never changes…

While listening to… Plan B – The Defamation of Strickland Banks.

Fitted together surprisingly well, a lot of lyrics about what could have been that fit the book really well. Plus I really love this album too!

Funniest thing I heard...a little boy asking his dad if he lived in the Emerald City. I think they had just been to see Wizard of Oz and his dad was in a fetching green tshirt. 

Maybe I will start taking some pics of some of the hilarious things I see too, that should brighten up the commute a bit more!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Flowers & Felt

Just thought I would share a few photos of a recent make. The photos are a tad dodgy but I had to take them quickly before I gave it away as a present. Hurrah for last minute present making!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

After Sunset

As we were both off work, me and the man decided to head up to one of our favourite restaurants for some yummy food.

 But when we got there, I got completely distracted by taking photos of the amazing sunset…


Dinner was lovely though, really should have taken a photo of my dinner but I was in too much of a hurry to scoff it. Maybe next time…

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Maker's Boutique

I had my first craft fair this summer so I thought I would share what I learnt the first time round. I had absolutely no idea what to expect despite being a very regular customer at so many craft fairs. I spent the whole week before frantically preparing and was just about ready in time.

Lesson 1. Always overestimate how much time you need to prepare

My table looked pretty good considering I hadn’t thought nearly enough about my display. Next time I definitely need to work on it a bit, especially get some height in there. It looked a little bit flat!

Lesson 2. Plan your display as much as your products

My mum was my very handy helper for the day. She spent as much of the time shopping and talking as behind my stall. But it was very nice to have someone to man the stall while I had some very yummy homemade cake and a wander round the other stalls.

Lesson 3. Rope in someone to help

I had a really good day overall. I would have been happy with just a few nice comments but selling my first item to a stranger was a complete buzz! As was selling a cushion I wasn’t entirely sure about making!

And did these lessons help? Well I had my second craft fair just last week. My display was a massive improvement although there are still elements of it I’m not happy with. The man was a great helper this time especially when it was quiet. Having a change of heart about products the night before is probably to be avoided though…

Roll on the next fair!
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