Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Maker's Boutique

I had my first craft fair this summer so I thought I would share what I learnt the first time round. I had absolutely no idea what to expect despite being a very regular customer at so many craft fairs. I spent the whole week before frantically preparing and was just about ready in time.

Lesson 1. Always overestimate how much time you need to prepare

My table looked pretty good considering I hadn’t thought nearly enough about my display. Next time I definitely need to work on it a bit, especially get some height in there. It looked a little bit flat!

Lesson 2. Plan your display as much as your products

My mum was my very handy helper for the day. She spent as much of the time shopping and talking as behind my stall. But it was very nice to have someone to man the stall while I had some very yummy homemade cake and a wander round the other stalls.

Lesson 3. Rope in someone to help

I had a really good day overall. I would have been happy with just a few nice comments but selling my first item to a stranger was a complete buzz! As was selling a cushion I wasn’t entirely sure about making!

And did these lessons help? Well I had my second craft fair just last week. My display was a massive improvement although there are still elements of it I’m not happy with. The man was a great helper this time especially when it was quiet. Having a change of heart about products the night before is probably to be avoided though…

Roll on the next fair!

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