Thursday, 22 March 2012

Top Tips: Icing

Icing can make or break your cake prettiness. There are lots of techniques to try and here are some of the most popular types/uses

Butter icing – mix butter and icing sugar together. You can then add colours or flavourings if required. Butter icing can be piped or simply spooned onto your cakes.

Royal icing – roll out to a thin thickness (about 3mm) using icing sugar on all surfaces. Be delicate with it! Can colour small pieces by rolling in your hands with icing sugar and food colouring, but it does get very sticky

Writing with icing – be steady but fluid. Apply a consistent amount of pressure to the icing bag and practice on something other than your precious cake. Try writing down what you plan to write first to get an idea of spacing 
and spelling

GlacĂ© icing – simply mix icing sugar and water. Make it runny enough to flow but still set. Try piping icing to create a barrier before flooding the inside with icing.  

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