Sunday, 27 May 2012

Foodie Festival

Me and the man are big food fans. So it seemed only right that we should visit the Foodie Festival this weekend. I forgot my camera (for the first time in a long time!) so you will have to put up with phone pics instead...

 Why not have a bus that is also a bar? The seating area was the top deck.
 Or a beach 30 seconds from the actual beach? You could sit here and enjoy live music and/or make sandcastles.
 This cute little tent is a cider bar, complete with hay bales to sit on.
 Fudge Kitchen sell possibly the best fudge I have ever tasted, it was flying off their stall. Those boxes at the front are drinking fudge. How amazing does that sound?!

 No food festival is complete without a hog roast!
 I'm not a massive fan of oysters but this was a really popular stall all afternoon.
 I decided to go with Mediterranean vegetable paella for my lunch, after much deliberation. 
 And the man went with this from a French cuisine stall, which smelt amazing.

 But I sort of regret not having anything from this stall. Their savoury muffins and strudels looked so delicious.
And this was definitely the most unusual, selling wildebeest burgers and llama sausages amongst other exotic meats.

The festival was lots of fun, although you had to pay to get in pretty much every stall was giving away free tasters and samples. From memory we managed to try chicken katsu curry, fudge, cheesecake icecream, loads of dips and sauces, bruschetta, cheese and sausages. 

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