Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Middle Street Synagogue

As part of Brighton Fringe Festival, Middle Street Synagogue was open for tours. It's a beautiful building and I was curious to see inside, especially as it is listed as one of the best in the country.

The synagogue isn't used for religious services anymore, apart from the occasional wedding. They are raising money for the restoration, and hope it will opened for full use at some point in the future.

The guides were so helpful and informative. They were obviously very passionate about the synagogue and it's future.

 It was very interesting to hear the history of this great building, including it being the first synagogue to have electric lighting. And a strong connection with the Rothschild family (several of the windows are dedicated to them), along with the Sassoon family.
I could have taken 1000 photos, there were so many details! This window was one of my favourites, it depicts the Jewish months (which have striking similarities with the zodiac calendar including twins and a scorpion)

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