Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Time for a fresh start?

I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. There are lots of things I love about, but there are oh so many things I majorly dislike! And it seems like I’m not the only one. There seems to be a tide of displeasure across the blogosphere including My Girl Thursday and Delightfully Tacky. And these are proper bloggers!

Right there seems to be my first problem. I’m not a ‘proper blogger’. Or so I think. I post irregularly at best. My photos aren’t always amazingly edited. My posts aren’t interesting enough. Or funny. Or clever. So I don’t post. I’m constantly waiting until I have time to post daily, or can afford a new camera, or have the greatest idea ever. Which is, you’ve guessed it, never. And the longer I don’t blog for, the greater the pressure to make the next post amazing. Which delays me even more.

Except I am a blogger. I have a blog and I post on it, and occasionally someone reads it. Isn’t that enough?

Something Elizabeth said especially clicked with me. I don’t have anywhere my blog belongs. No man is an island, and every blog needs a niche. But I don’t have time to make beautiful tutorials and be a craft blogger. Or bake amazing cakes to be a food blogger. I don’t own nearly enough vintage to be a fashion blogger. Kids are a long way off so I’m no mummy blogger.

But I want to be those things (well, maybe not the mummy bit just yet). Does it matter if the recipes I want to try are fitted in those precious hours between work and bed? Does it matter if my outfit shots are done at 6am on the way to the station? And consist mostly of Topshop and (gasp) Primark? Or if my crafting endeavours take a morning rather than a whole weekend?

I work 9-5 (at least), Monday to Friday at a job I can’t and don’t want to blog about. I commute there and back every day. And I’m definitely not the only one. Yeah we are dreaming of owning vintage shops and cafes and running indie magazines. But the reality is, right now we aren’t.

I don’t have the life that top bloggers have. I have to remind myself it takes time and a bucketload of patience to get close to the standard of some blogs I compare myself to. So from now on, I'm going to blog about the life I do have. I don't care if the topic doesn't quite fit (I ran a marathon last week, barely mentioned it as it didn't fit in to the crafting thing...). I don't care if it's not the same as what you might see on certain other blogs (blogs that I love, don't get me wrong). I'm blogging for me, what I should probably have done the whole time.

I don't need a niche. But as I know there are plenty of girls out there just like me, maybe I have found my niche after all...

PS: This post by Kyla seems to sum it up all quite nicely! Much less of a rant like mine...


  1. PREACH IT... I quit blogging for basically the same reasons... I felt like I was serving the blog and not the other way around.

    So, you have my vote to just do whatever the heck you want and when you want! I think sometimes we get caught up thinking we owe it to the world to have amazing lives to post on the internet... not true. ;) Rest in that!

  2. Blogging should be fun and you should blog about everything that inspires you or keeps you moving. You don't have to have a certain theme. It's YOUR blog, it's like YOUR diary, you can fill it up with all the experiences and all the memories that you want! Just keep going. Even if nobody reads it, you will surely enjoy it anyway, so ... who cares! ;-)


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