Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Cake Pops

After briefly showing off my Jubilee cake pops here, I thought I would give them a bit more attention. 

I actually got all the stuff I needed as a kit at the Cake International Show. 

The three different colour candy melts and all the sprinkles were included along with a cardboard contraption to hold the cake pops, and pretty ribbons to dress them up with. 

 I originally started decorating them all very late at night, which was a mistake. I only have one white cake pop, as the white candy melts had a slight accident...
 They were really generous with the sprinkles, I've got loads left over. Luckily the Olympics are coming up so I can make some Team GB cakes.

 Everything I've done seems to be red, white and blue at the moment, think I need to give myself a break before Olympic fever takes over!

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