Sunday, 3 June 2012

Not Just for Grannies

I've always wanted to learn to crochet, I kind of think it's a necessary skill if you want to call yourself a crafter. But all previous attempts had been complete failures and I was pretty close to giving it all up.

But then Super+Super HQ opened in Brighton, offering a whole heap of crafty courses. Including Crochet Granny Squares, a 4 week course to teach crochet basics. So I thought I would give it one last chance...

Everything needed was included (hook, yarn, lots of biscuits) We went through the basics; chain stitch and double crochet, before moving on the treble crochet and changing colours.

By the third week, I had completed my very first granny square!

And in the final lesson, we tried something a little more tricky and made a crochet flower.

I have learnt that I am the slowest crocheter in the history of crochet. Seriously, people were completing at least two granny squares to every one of mine. Amy (one half of S+S and the crochet tutor) might actually have the patience of a saint, as she helped me fix my numerous mistakes.

So the course was really great. My crochet skills might not be perfect but I learnt lots, and the rest should come with lots and lots of practice.The dream of making my own crochet blanket is one step closer to reality. Only problem is how long it's going to take me to crochet that many squares!

Super+Super HQ is a pretty awesome little place too. Amy and Claire (other half of S+S who also took this course) are lovely and obviously really passionate about their new venture. And if crochet isn't your thing, then there's loads of other stuff going on. I've already got my eye on something else...

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  1. Wow these look amazing! Well done you. Hopefully I will feel as enthused after Monday. It's only an introduction to crochet - so I might need to sign up to a further class. I will make a granny square dammit!


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