Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Madness

As you read this, I will be conquering a mountain of boxes, in an attempt to get as much unpacking done as I can before I go back to work. After spending the previous three days in a muddy field, having too much fun to worry about sleep deprivation.

But due to the big move, I will likely not have Internet for a little while. I'll be dropping in whenever I can get near wi-fi but it will probably be a bit quieter than usual around here.

Life is getting a bit crazy for the next month or so, so you can guarantee lots of exciting posts when I'm back up and running. Until then, have fun everyone :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer was here (briefly)

So the sun made a cameo appearance at the weekend, and I needed no more excuse to crack out the florals.

I was really unsure about the length of this dress when I bought it. But the dipped hem makes me feel less like I'm drowning in fabric (a common occurrence in maxi dresses).

It's also seriously floaty when I walk around in it, which may have led to dangerous amounts of twirling...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Time for coffee and cake

There hasn't been a whole lot of baking going on around here recently. I even had to unpack a box to bake this. The mister had decided I needed 4 identical sandwich tins left out but not a loaf tin...

Anyway, here is my attempt at a coffee cake. I've never tried it before and I was actually a bit disappointed by how mild the flavour was. Next time, I think I will be much more generous with the coffee!

I wanted to add pretty icing but the cardboard monsters have swallowed up all my icing nozzles. Next time, next time!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Things I'm Looking Forward To

So I'm mixing it up a little bit this week, and thought I would list all the great things I'm looking forward (and so I suppose liking) at the moment.

  • Moving flats on Thursday
  • Reading festival
  • Paralympics and finally seeing the Olympic Park
  • A weekend away with the mister
  • A well earned spa day
  • Lots of short weeks at work

I'm getting a bit overexcited about it all, and trying not to be daunted by the rather large to do list before I can actually enjoy all this!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Dress of the Week: Dahlia Stephanie Dress

What with all this moving house malarkey I've been trying to save the pennies but this beauty might convince me to spend, spend, spend.

It's £75 from Dahlia, and they have so many other lovely things on their website. I won't be offended if you run away there to have a look!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hyde Park Big Screens

Feels quite a long time ago now, but last week I went off to Hyde Park to soak up the Olympic atmosphere. Every day, big screens were showing the sporting action and bands were playing sets, all for free.

The place was absolutely packed, and it was great to cheer and groan along with thousands of others.

The cider and music was good practice for festival time too! Feeder were playing the night I was there, and I loved getting to see them live again.

I was stupidly excited about the Olympics before they even began so I'm really glad I had a chance to experience another part of it. Now the countdown to September and my Paralympic experience begins!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Crafty Library

Packing is still going strong (have I mentioned we are moving enough yet? It's taking over my life!) and I have rediscovered lots of craft and baking related books I had almost forgotten about. So thought I would share some of my favourites today.

1. Queen of Crafts - basically a crafting bible! It covers everything from quilting to jam making to organising crafty gatherings. It's written in ways that anyone could understand, and the book is beautifully presented including lovely illustrations.

2. How to make jewellery with Tatty Devine - lots of projects to emulate their amazing style. Pretty much every project utilises little objects you can hunt down in a thrift store, or a charity shop or probably your own house. The insights into their life and their business dotted throughout the book are great too.

3. The Great British Book of Baking - from the original series of Great British Bake off (the third series starts this week and I am super excited!). Another teach you the basics book, with biscuits, pies and puddings covered as well as cakes. The photography is probably the most inspirational part though, I would love my baking photos to look half this good.

4. Hello, Cupcake! - some of the craziest cupcakes I have ever seen. I haven't been able to recreate any of them perfectly, and the book uses a lot of American sweets and chocolates, but just flicking through the pages is enough to spark my imagination. Practice makes perfect I think!

5. Make your own Misfits - book of creatures you can sew from unwanted clothing and fabric scraps. They all have names and quirky personalities that I think make them great gifts for people. This was one of the first crafty books I bought, and the instructions are all more than simple enough for a new sewer.

Most of my favourite books give me the basics I need to let my imagination run wild. All my craft stuff is packed up (in several huge boxes) but looking through these books again has got the creative juices flowing. Hopefully in the new place I will have a new and improved crafting space, and can go making and baking crazy!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Dresses of the Week

Olympic fever has very much hit here, and I have done very little with my evenings other than pack and watch sports I love/barely understand/didn't even know were Olympic events. So in honour of the greatest sporting event in the world being in my home city, I have three dresses to share this week.

First up, is this bronze lovely from Rare. It's £36 and it looks like it would be stylish but comfortable to wear to work.

Then there is this silver sequin skater dress from Topshop (£65). Cocktails with the girls maybe?

And finally, this amazing gold sequin dress by Sass & Bide (via Asos). It would have to be a super special occasion for this one as it's £500, but I adore the cream overlay.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Things I Like Tuesday

I'm back again with another list of things I'm enjoying this week

  • Olympic glory - Team GB are doing incredibly well and I'm pretty much bursting with pride
  • Things finally moving along with the house move
  • Finding my high school yearbook
  • Planning fun future adventures with my mister
  • Doughnuts and cider - not necessarily together! 
Work and planning for the move are pretty much taking over my life at the moment so I'm trying to enjoy the little things that brighten up my day. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

From the World Wide Web

So I move house in about 3 weeks and all the packing and tidying is seriously hampering my crafting and baking efforts. But while giving the laptop a bit of a tidy (read: procrastinating) I found loads of bookmarks that I haven't shared before. So here goes:
There's plenty more to go, I can be a bit of a bookmark fiend...

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dress of the Week: Topshop Pastel Dress

Summer was here very briefly and now it seems to have disappeared again. If it decides to returns anytime soon, this dress would look great with a tan.

I'm all about dresses that I can wear to work and to play afterwards so this is pretty much perfect. It's £48 from Topshop.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Damn You Snoop Dog' aka Musical Bingo

A couple of weeks ago now, I finally got to go to Drink, Shop & Do. And to do nothing less than play Musical Bingo with Jess Indeedy!

I didn't actually intend to blog about the evening, I try and keep evenings out with friends away from here, most of our gossiping should be kept off the internet anyway! But it was such a good evening I decided to share it, so excuse the dodgy photo quality!

In case you don't know, Musical Bingo does exactly what it says on the tin. Bingo cards with song titles, DJ playing tunes, cross off when you hear a song from your card, crazy prizes and a lot of fun. Our prayers were answered when we got the 90's round we wanted but over the four rounds we didn't win anything. My card was almost complete in the final hip hop round, just needed Snoop Dog to play but alas, there was no beginner's luck for us this time. 

In true bingo fashion, we bought ourselves some daubers. But these come with pipecleaners, ribbons, glitter and feathers to be decorated. There's even a prize for the best one, but ours probably weren't quite up to scratch this time...

Despite our slight lack of song title knowledge ("I know/love/hate this song, but what's it called?"), we all had such a great evening. Will definitely be going back for another go, an inflatable will be mine one day!
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