Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Damn You Snoop Dog' aka Musical Bingo

A couple of weeks ago now, I finally got to go to Drink, Shop & Do. And to do nothing less than play Musical Bingo with Jess Indeedy!

I didn't actually intend to blog about the evening, I try and keep evenings out with friends away from here, most of our gossiping should be kept off the internet anyway! But it was such a good evening I decided to share it, so excuse the dodgy photo quality!

In case you don't know, Musical Bingo does exactly what it says on the tin. Bingo cards with song titles, DJ playing tunes, cross off when you hear a song from your card, crazy prizes and a lot of fun. Our prayers were answered when we got the 90's round we wanted but over the four rounds we didn't win anything. My card was almost complete in the final hip hop round, just needed Snoop Dog to play but alas, there was no beginner's luck for us this time. 

In true bingo fashion, we bought ourselves some daubers. But these come with pipecleaners, ribbons, glitter and feathers to be decorated. There's even a prize for the best one, but ours probably weren't quite up to scratch this time...

Despite our slight lack of song title knowledge ("I know/love/hate this song, but what's it called?"), we all had such a great evening. Will definitely be going back for another go, an inflatable will be mine one day!

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