Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cake & Bake Show

On Sunday I visited the much anticipated Cake & Bake show at Earl's Court. As we are now a nation obsessed with baking, the show was very popular, with tickets selling out weeks before the event.

 There were loads of stalls selling every type of baking item you could imagine as well as books and magazines. Peggy Porschen had a whole corner set up, it was so pretty I could probably have stood staring at it all day.

But as I was trying to not spend too much money, I went more for the cake displays and baking demonstrations. These dessert tables looked amazing, my photos really don't do them enough justice.

 These drawers are the same ones we use in our bedroom, unfortunately we have never had this much cake sitting on them.

 There were so many great bakers doing demonstrations around the show. I managed to catch a bit of Eric Lanlard, Mich Turner, Peggy Porschen, and of course the great Mary Berry. The photos are all a bit grainy, I was having to use the zoom on my camera a lot. These guys were all really popular unsurprisingly!

There was also a competition section (with the theme Edible Beach if you couldn't guess), where all the cakes looked amazing. Including some based on a very familiar place...

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