Monday, 17 September 2012

Chocolate Cookies: A Baking Breakthrough

I'm pretty sure I'm breaking some unwritten rule of blogging by posting slightly dodgy photos of a bake that didn't turn out perfectly. But I'm sort of proud of these cookies so wanted to show them off anyway.They are my very first bake in my new kitchen and also the first time I have attempted cookies. In hindsight I should probably have attempted something I had made before to figure out the new oven but never mind.

I made chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies, which despite looking slightly mutated, tasted pretty yummy.

And I learnt that my new oven actually gets hot pretty quickly. I no longer need to turn it on hours (like 4 hours) before I want to bake anything. It also potentially gets to the same temperature in the entire oven, never again will I discover a half burnt, half raw Victoria sponge...

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