Thursday, 20 September 2012

Organising my Fabric Stash

I seem to have acquired an extraordinary amount of fabric over the past couple of years. It sits tucked away in a chest that also doubles up as our coffee table. So I wanted a way I could keep track of what I had without constantly unpacking (and repacking) the chest.

And so the fabric folder was created. It's just a very basic A5 folder, with sheets of paper detailing the fabric type, colour and size available.

On a few I have written myself a note about previous uses for the fabric.

I considered stapling or glueing the fabric in, but went with paperclips instead. This way I could potentially use the fabric (for very tiny projects) or more usefully, I can take the clipping with me when shopping for the same project.

 I really need to start using some of this lovely fabric now, I fell in love with a lot of it all over again while putting the folder together!

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  1. Good idea! That seems like one of those lightbulb type 'Why have I never thought of that' moments!


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