Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Renegade Craft Fair

I was super excited when I heard Renegade were making a return visit to these shores. What better way to kick off my holiday week?

 I was too busy browsing/getting over excited/trying not to get my purse out again to take many photos but you can see some of my favourite stalls and displays.
You can just see the Mollie Makes stall in the corner here, where I managed to get my hands on their new Christmas book. And it's beautiful so expect a blog post soon!

I did buy some band poster postcards for our soon to be started art wall. Mostly because one of the bands featured is slightly obscure but probably our all time favourite, so we were pretty happy to see it.  

Just outside Truman Brewery we saw some pretty cool street art. I've since seen on Twitter loads of other little details people spotted on their way to Renegade. Hopefully there will be another Renegade visit so I hunt them all down!

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