Wednesday, 24 October 2012

National Novel Writing Month

Generally I'm a pretty busy person. Full time work, a hefty commute, blogging, crafting, baking, socialising. It's a challenge to fit everything in at the best of times. For November, I should probably mention my birthday and all the extra events that go with that (not that I'm complaining!). Oh, and I'm running a 10k.

So of course it would make perfect sense for me to take on a major challenge that most people would find tricky to manage in a completely empty month. I'm talking about National Novel Writing Month, the crazy idea that people should try and write a 50,000 word novel just in the month of November.

Somehow I need to write 1666 words every single day in November.

I'm not for a second saying it will be easy. But I can't resist a challenge, and I've always had a slight hankering to be an author! I'm not going to be sharing my novel with anyone, I'm 99% sure the circumstances it will be written in will mean it will be pants. But (hopefully) by 1st December I will be able to say I've written a novel!

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