Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sewing presents

It's probably even less of a surprise that I got a fair few sewing related presents as well.
I obviously didn't sew this, but someone very talented did. My Mum bought this cushion for me, and in case you don't know the ticket is for the journey I make every working day which is awesome.

Another couple of books, this time of the sewing clothes variety from the mister. I really want to give sewing my own clothes a go and these are already providing me with plenty of inspiration.

This mystery bag techically wasn't a birthday present but it was a present that I got on my birthday weekend so that counts right?
And it contains? This beautiful sewing machine! This belonged to my Mum who got it as a present from her Mum a long time ago. My Mum has never been a fan of sewing so she has given it to me so it actually gets some use. Despite being from the 1970's it still works perfectly. The instruction booklet is also wonderfully retro...

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