Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Goals: Onto 2013

2012 has a decidely British feel to it. I'm pretty keen to make 2013 have a more global feel to them, it's time for some farther flung adventures.

Some goals are the same or very very similar to 2012. I found having a goal in front of me all the time made it easier to do things I knew I wanted to do. It made me more likely to say yes to a night out, more likely to try new things, more likely to take on that project at work, more likely to go on that training run.

Some of natural continuations of 2012 goals, I'm going to try and edit my nanowrimo novel a bit. And some of my goals are completely new. Others are upgraded versions. In 2012 I wanted to try a new thing every week, whether that was as small as a new sandwich or as big as visiting the Olympic Park. In 2013 I'm raising the stakes, and going for a new thing every day.

I made the decision not to share any of my goals for 2012 on the blog last year, I don't really like or want that kind of accountability. So I'm not going to be sharing a full list of all my exact goals. But I'm probably going to be better at talking about them as I achieve some of them!

I'd love to hear about everyone's goals for the new year, it's one of the things I love about blogs in January. Here's to an amazing 2013!

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