Friday, 28 December 2012

2012 Goals: What I Achieved Part 1

I'm not going to bore you all with all my goals. Some of them aren't particularly interesting and some of them I want to keep personal to me. But I do want to share some of the things I've achieved this year

Run a marathon in a personal best
Not just any marathon but the London Marathon in Olympic year. It was just as hard as the previous two but I loved (almost) every minute of it, and smashed 25 minutes off my PB. Two of my best friends are now running marathons next year and I'm acting as advisor and chief spectator in 2013. 2014 might be a different matter though...

Keep a daily diary
This seems like an easy enough goal but I hadn't managed to keep a diary for a whole year for a while. I quickly found writing in it every day was almost impossible so I tried updating it weekly instead. I'm now the proud owner of a completed diary that was so nice (and a little cringey) to look back on.

Read 12 classic books
I didn't quite manage this one, although I made a very good stab at it. I did however rekindle my love of reading. They might not all be classics (and some of them definitely aren't!) but I have over 30 read books on my kindle right now which means I have been reading a whole pile more than usual. 

Write a novel
Nanowrimo was a brilliant, exhausting, inspiring experience. And while it might be 'only' 50,000 words and very rough around the edges it is technically a novel. This was one goal I knew I wouldn't really be starting until November but I kept it ticking over with some novel planning, and I think just keeping it in my mind all year really helped. 

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  1. ...and a fantastic advisor you are too! Thank you :) x


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