Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 Goals: What I achieved Part 2

Just a few more goals I'm really pleased I managed to achieve last year.

See friends more
I was completely convinced at the end of 2011 that I barely ever saw my friends, and that meant work friends, friends from home, university friends. So I set myself a goal of doing something with them at least once a fortnight. I'm not saying I didn't make more effort to see them but most of the time this goal was achieved without me really trying. In fact, it worked out I saw a friend in some way on average every 7.3 days. Maybe sometimes just paying more attention to something shows you were totally wrong.

Get promoted
This seemed like a crazy dream at the beginning of the year. I thought if I could get myself close then I would be pleased. But then , just a few weeks before Christmas it all worked out for me. I've been in my new job a couple of weeks now, it's very different and there's a lot to learn but I'm loving it. Dream big people!

Blog twice a week
Blogging in 2011 was sporadic. Some months I would blog 15 times and another I wouldn't blog at all. This year I wanted to get into a routine and blog regularly. On average (I'm a bit of a maths geek) I managed 2.8 times a week, and my views are about 5 x higher than this time last year.

I started the year with 27 goals. One was dropped within 6 weeks, although I gave it my all and decided it just wasn't for me. Another was dropped after about 6 months after the little goal I set in January was still on the list in July. So I was left with 25. And I achieved 23 of them. Little old me, who had struggled previously to achieve 1 goal off a list of 10!

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