Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nanowrimo Review

So November is well and truly over now, and that means Nanowrimo is done and dusted too. And I am very happy to say I did it. 50,000 words were officially typed and I even got to the end of my story. I haven't been brave enough to read it back yet, I might have to leave that a few weeks/months/years/centuries.

But during the month I scribbled down a few comments and thought I would share them. I wouldn't take any of this as actual novel writing advice but you never know!

  • Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor are terrible programmes to have on in the background. As is Saturday Kitchen and anything Children In Need related
  • Surprisingly the mister playing Xbox was easy enough to ignore (years of practice!)
  • Keeping track of the day of the week/month of the year in your story is easier said than done
  • I have used the word genuinely way too many times. And suddenly. And desperately. 
  • Not writing for two days at a time makes it tricky to remember where you are in the story
  • Old school Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Pendulum and Blink 182 were surprisingly good writing accompaniments
  • As much as you hate whatever you've written, don't ever delete a single word (until afterwards when you can delete them all if you want to!)
  • 32-40k were the hardest words I had to write
  • I actually hated doing anything mean to my characters!
  • A few scenes had been milling about my head for months and they came out so well in the story

If you have ever had a secret hankering to write a novel then I highly recommend Nanowrimo. I was probably never going to find the time to do it any other way, and I do love a good challenge!

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