Monday, 17 December 2012

The Day I Was Awake for 24 Hours

Friday was a slightly bizarre day. It kicked off at 5am, heading into work early. It was my last day in my (now old) job, which although I had known it was coming for a while suddenly seemed very real. I wasn't ready to leave my desk or my team or probably my comfort zone. By the time I had people gathered around my desk for leaving cards and a Colin the Caterpillar cake, I was feeling a bit too emotional.

Straight on a train after work, I was heading for the mister's Christmas party for work. The evening was incredible: great food, acrobats, dancing, mojitos, dodgems, casino tables. All the details had been thought of, right down to the bacon rolls handed out at hometime.

 By the time we made it back to London, it was very definitely the early hours of the morning. We had to wait for the station to actually open, our first train got cancelled, and by the time we made it to a bed I had officially been awake 24 hours.

It's not something I would recommend but the entire day (literally) was incredible. Now I'm ready to start my new job and get out of that pesky comfort zone. Wish me luck!

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