Wednesday, 16 January 2013

DIY Noticeboard

 The most exciting thing about out (sort of) new flat is that I have my own craft area. I don't have to take over the dining table or the floor, and I can leave my projects without worrying about their safety. I'm slowly but surely working on making it look pretty, and this is part of that.

 I acquired this large board with my second hand desk (now known as the craft station) and a few people mentioned it would make a good noticeboard. So with the help of the ribbons, buttons and fabric I though I would give it a go.
As this was a spur of the moment project, I used some random loose stuffing I had. It would have been much easier with sheet wadding that you could just cut to size. Anyway, I covered the board with the stuffing. 
The fabric was laid over the top and the board flipped over. The edges of the fabric were folded over the board and secured. I folded the two shorter ends like wrapping a present. Staples are the easiest way to secure the fabric, although I have also used strong glue which worked fine. 
At this point, my noticeboard looked looked this. In the photo it kind of looks like a pillow to be fair! 
Then came the fun part. Various lengths of ribbon were attached across the board. I chose to put the ribbons at random angles and intersects, and I like the finished look. But it would be equally easy to measure out the distances to make a more regular pattern. 
I then added, using strong glue, buttons at the intersections of the ribbons. Mine were a mixture of sizes, shapes and colours. A more uniform collection would look great too, especially if the ribbons were arranged symmetrically. 
And this is the finished article. It has taken pride of place on my desk, and I have added a few random pieces to it. I have a giant stack of business cards and photos that were on my old noticeboard though, so might have a declutter before putting them on all on it. 
PS. I deliberately chose colours similar to my blog design, thought it might help with some blog inspiration too! 

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