Monday, 14 January 2013

Funsize Baking

I went on a bit of a baking frenzy this past weekend and made these little mini cakes. I've seen them a few places before, and you can get specific pans for baking them. But I just made sponges in 20cm sandwich tins and used a circular cutter to cut out the cake shapes. Mine are probably slightly bigger than they should be, but I could cut out enough for three mini cakes per sandwich tin.

First up, lemon drizzle cake. The sponge is vanilla with lemon zest, and I soaked the top with lemon and sugar so it has the classic crunch. They are sandwiched with plain buttercream.
It wouldn't be me baking if chocolate wasn't involved somewhere. These are chocolate sponge, with melted chocolate folded into the batter. They are sandwiched and tipped with chocolate ganache. This was probably the first time I've made chocolate ganache without a. ruining it and b. having to consult a recipe 300 times. Baking win! 

Thirdly, a coffee cake. I cut each cake into two, so each cake ended up with three equal layers. These are then sandwiched together with a coffee buttercream. Of all of the cakes these are the ones I'm happiest with. They came out much better than I was expecting and look really cute. Definitely be making these again!

Last but not least, mini Victoria sponges. The sponge is standard vanilla sponge, with classic fillings. The jam is strawberry with champagne, part of a Christmas hamper from M&S, and it tastes amazing. They do look suspiciously like scones though...

Generally my random baking experiments don't work out well but I'm pretty happy with these! There are a few changes I want to make, the two layer cakes probably need to be a smidge smaller so they look a bit daintier. I reckon the Victoria sponges would look neater as three layers, with the fillings as two seperate layers, too. My baking brain is already thinking of more flavours/styles to try, so watch this space! 

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