Sunday, 3 February 2013

Things I Learnt At The Blogcademy

Class photo by Emily Quinton

So I’ve been back from The Blogcademy for just over a week now, and it’s time for my recap post. I have a gained a mighty amount of blogging knowledge, so you will definitely start to notice a few changes around here. I’ve scheduled (in my new editorial calendar) a post on my to do list that The Blogcademy created and the changes on the blog. But for now here’s my list of things I learnt that weren’t technically on the official curriculum:

Graduation certificates

1. Whoever said don't meet your idols was a little bit crazy

I already knew the headmistresses were super cool, but meeting them in person was pretty amazing. I just about managed to keep the fan girl antics to an absolute minimum! They all know their stuff really well, and were so willing to share and answer our endless questions. As well as being ridiculously inspiring they are also really down to earth, sometimes I hear they even watch Take Me Out in a unicorn onesie…

Headmistresses - Gala Darling

2. Glitter, sequins and bunny ears don't make you a good blogger

The headmistresses can rock bunny ears, sparkle and pink hair better than anyone I have ever met. But hard work and perseverance make Gala, Kat and Shauna as successful as they are. Emulating that success means a lot of work, not just whacking on a pair of ears or dying my hair. Technically I already knew this (it’s pretty obvious really) but it was refreshing to hear the headmistresses’ success didn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t mean I can’t do the hard work dressed head to toe in my beloved sequins!

 Beautiful Blogcademy decor

3. This is an endless work in progress

My blog to do list was a mile long by lunch on the first day. There were so many things I needed to do, and wanted to do, and might someday want to do. But my blog will never be finished and will definitely never be perfect. And that’s a really good thing! It gives me the freedom to try something and not worry if I doesn’t work out, or I change my mind.

The biggest plate of pancakes ever

4. Fellow blogcadets might be the coolest people in the world

From breakfast on the first day to lunches and cocktails, to Lorna and her swift cab hailing skills that saved us wandering aimlessly in search of our hotel, everyone I met at The Blogcademy was so lovely, and really willing to share what they had already learnt on their blogging adventures. And no-one batted an eyelid when everyone photographed their pancakes/cupcakes/cocktail before it reached their lips! Some have already made amazing progress too, check out Emily and her first digital product already.

Even the cupcakes by Restoration Cake were on brand

  1. The inspiration doesn’t stop at blogging
When I got home from Blogcademy my head was swimming with ideas, and plans, and crazy dreams. I had to go back to the day job the day after Blogcademy, and I found my new found inspiration and motivation spilling out into that too. Things I had learnt about emails applied amazingly to my work inbox and I even had running recommendations made to me by Jo at graduation drinks.

Giant balloon

I’m going to stop now before my inner fan girl gets out of control, but if you ever get the chance to go to The Blogcademy then seriously do it, do it, do it! And if you needed any further encouragement then the goodie bags were pretty epic…

And as a special treat for getting through this mammoth post, here’s some fellow Blogcademy graduates blogs to enjoy:


  1. Was so lovely to meet you Sarah, delighted that the taxi skills got a mention! We'd probably still be wandering with google maps now!

  2. So jealous!! It looks amazing and those pancakes! I wish I could of gone!!! Your blog is really cool by the way!


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