Monday, 18 March 2013

Birthday Cake Time

As usual I gave the mister free choice on his birthday cake, and as usual he changed his mind 100 times and came up with some slightly ridiculous suggestions (bacon cake anyone?). I was pretty keen to try this recipe for Chocolate and Caramel layer cake, so a little gentle suggestion and he was happy!

It took a little longer than normal, as it contains four different flavoured sponges but the recipe suggests making two flavours at once to save some time. The sponges didn't rise anywhere near as much as 'normal' sponges despite the recipes being very similar. To counteract the sweetness the recipe uses yoghurt which I thought might have affected the rise slightly. 

There are four cake layers: vanilla, caramel, chocolate caramel and finally chocolate. They are all meant to be different colours, but I found the chocolate and caramel chocolate layers looked pretty similar. In the recipe the layers are all sandwiched together with caramel. I couldn't get a tin of caramel so I made my own with condensed milk, but only ended up using it for one layer. Chocolate ganache sandwiches the others. 

This photo was taken a couple of days after I'd baked it, and the layers have flattened into each other a bit. I would recommend baking and serving this on the same day if possible so the layers stay defined. It still tasted  pretty amazing though!
All topped off with chocolate ganache icing, learning how to make that might be the best thing I ever did! The mister was pretty happy with it so I'm going to call that a successful birthday cake. I'm not sure if I would use the exact same recipe again, but I loved the different layers idea. 

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