Saturday, 23 March 2013

Date Night Geek Style: Science Museum

The mister and I are massive geeks so when I discovered he had never been to the Science Museum I needed to change that. And quickly. I must have been there about 1000 times when I was younger, and knew his inner geek would adore it.

This artwork is made up of layers of different materials; wood, metal, fabric, plastics. It looked incredible!
1. Josh playing a game (what's new?) 2. Old school computer tech 3. DNA discovery changing our futures

If you haven't been then basically it's 6 floors packed full of scientific discoveries, some going back to Roman times. Most of it is pretty awesome, although the history of dentistry stuff creeps me out a bit. 
1. Chromosome floor tiles 2. Original Ford 3. Space exhibits 4. Stephenson's rocket

One of my favourites exhibits is the Making of the Modern World. The whole space is packed full of things that have shaped our lives. Some are huge, like cars and trains and space shuttles, and some are pretty small, cutlery and CD's and medicines.

And of course, there's room of lots of sewing related inventions. I spied this Singer sewing machine, and some lovely vintage patterns tucked between a lawnmower and power tools. There were also several looms and other more industrial sewing tech to find. 

Loads of the exhibits are really interactive with games and quizzes everywhere. The Who Am I exhibit focuses on genetics (one of my specialisms at uni), including a series of quizzes on personality and preferences. The pics above are me and Josh built up through our quiz answers. I wish I had also taken a photo of us aged to about 70. Truly hilarious! 

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