Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Knitting & Stitching Show

Last Saturday, I paid a little visit to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show. I was determined to not spend too much money, but as usual I was tempted by all the pretty things. Most of the photos are from the knitted garden competition. I might have actually laughed out loud at the fox in the wellies!

There were a lot of exhibitors I had seen before, and considering it was a knitting and stitching show, there was a lot of papercraft and jewellery making stuff. But there is always going to be things I'm not interested in, and the last thing I need is yet another project!

However there were a few stalls that really caught my eye. Millamia had the prettiest knitting patterns and kits, I'm in love with the cushion. Janie Crow also had projects from her book Homespun Vintage that kept catching my eye.I also got myself a tapestry purse kit from The Craft Closet. I'm really excited to make it, I've never properly tried tapestry before. Expect a blog post on that as soon as I'm done!

Unsurprisingly I spent quite a bit on magazines. Crafty is a new magazine about to be released that looks pretty good, it reminded me of Mollie Makes/The Simple Things when I flicked through it before buying. And I got myself a half price Prima Spring Makes too.

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