Monday, 8 April 2013

Sare vs the Supermarkets: ASDA

Wandering around a supermarket the other day I realised the crazy amount of baking ingredients you can now buy. Including eggs specifically for cakes, seriously? And I started to wonder how much difference the ingredients made, both for the baking experience and the eating experience.

So I baked two cakes with the same recipe, cake tin, oven, scales. In theory there shouldn't have been any difference between them at all.

First up, ASDA own brand ingredients vs branded ingredients.

 All the ingredients were ASDA own brand, except sugar. Sugar is pretty much sugar so supermarkets don't tend to bother with their own versions of it.
This is the cake straight out of the tin, there was some sticking but generally the cake was cooked evenly and in the expected time.

 The sponge itself was quite crumbly but not so bad that it couldn't be handled.

 The finished article!

 Ingredients used for the branded ingredients cake. These were just what I happened to have in my cupboard, not picked for any specific reason. But they are brands that you can find pretty much anywhere.

This is the cake straight out of the tin, again some slight sticking but not as bad.
The sponge was slightly denser than the ASDA one, and was slightly less of an even bake. 

 The finished article!

Baking wise, I didn't notice a great deal of difference between the two cakes. They both stuck slightly but generally I was happy with both. If I was forced to pick, I would go with the branded ingredients by a whisker. The mister (as my official cake tester) blind tested both cakes for taste, and he picked the ASDA cake as the best tasting. The branded cake felt slightly heavier to eat (although he happily munched away on both!)

For me, baking is all about the taste so I think it's a win for the ASDA ingredients this time!

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